With the new release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016, 金沙乐娱app下载 Technology Solutions wants to make sure our clients are aware of known issues with the upgrade so they can be prepared for their transition.

There is documentation on the known upgrade issues list in the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 Upgrade Manual. It is very important to review these prior to upgrading to make the process is as seamless as possible. In addition, it is always recommended to perform a test upgrade to insure there will be minimal downtime when it comes time for the production upgrade.

If you encounter difficulties, one of our certified Dynamics GP consultants will be glad to help. Contact us to find out more.

Here are known Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 upgrade issues:

1. Account Framework Table Conversion: Microsoft converts several tables that have account framework information in them. If the account framework tables in the company database do not match the SY003001 and SY00302 tables in the DYNAMICS database, the upgrade will not be successful.

Please run the Account_Framework_Validation.txt script from the Upgrade Guide to validate your tables prior to the upgrade. If results are returned, 金沙乐娱app下载 Technology Solutions can help with options for those tables. There are other account framework tables that can be changed but these are a few of the main tables to look at when it comes to account framework. Here are the tables Microsoft converts:

2. Microsoft Dynamics GP OLE Object Migration Utility: This tool is provided for your convenience to assist in transferring OLE Notes over to Document Attach. You may encounter circumstances in which this tool may not be able to convert all of your OLE Notes. In these scenarios, the notes that do not convert will need to be manually attached in Document Attach.

3. Budget date records in Analytical Accounting: The AA Budget Tree Balance (AAG00904) table contains the records for each budget in Analytical Accounting. If there are budget date records in the AAG00904 table that do not exist in the aaDateSetup (AAG00500) table, the upgrade will fail and the following error occurs:
AAG00904 135 [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0][SQL Server]Cannot insert the value NULL into column’YEAR1′, table ‘XXXX.dbo.AAG00904’; column does not allow nulls. UPDATE fails.

4. Database Compatibility: If you are migrating to a new SQL Server in addition to the upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016, you can restore your databases to the new SQL Server and start your upgrade. Please contact 金沙乐娱app下载 Technology Solutions to help you to move to a new SQL Server. Our Microsoft Certified Network Engineers will be happy to help.

Once the databases are restored to the new SQL Server, you must change the database compatibility.
a. In the SQL Server Management Studio. Right-click your database and click Properties.
b. Under Select a Page on the left, click Options.
c. Change the Compatibility Level to match the version of SQL Server you are running SQL 2012 = 110, SQL 2014 = 120.

5. Purchase Order Tables: If the POP10110 and the POP30110 contain detail records that do not have a matching header record in the POP10100 and the POP30100, the upgrade may fail on those tables. Run the Invalid_Records_POTables.txt script from the Upgrade Guide to validate all detail records have a header record. If results are returned, you can either remove the detail records or run checklinks in the current version you are running.

6. Server Drop Down List Blank: When launching Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016, the Server drop down list may be blank. The Server drop down is the OBDC DSN that Microsoft Dynamics GP needs to connect to your SQL Server databases. If the ODBC DSN is an older version or an x64 DSN, it will not show up in the list. Please make sure you have a 32-bit ODBC DSN created using either the Native Client 10.0 or Native Client 11.0 driver. Get steps to set up an ODBC DSN.

7. Workflow Documents Must be Final Approved: If you use Workflow for GL/PM/RM batches, Purchase Orders, Vendor Approvals, Credit Limit Overrides, Sales Quotes, Employee Onboarding, etc., all Workflow Documents must be final approved prior to the upgrade with no pending documents. The upgrade does check for this and will stop Utilities and provide a report showing what documents need to be approved.

8. Microsoft Dynamics Adapter Service: If you use the CRM Connector for Microsoft Dynamics GP and the Microsoft Dynamics Adapter Service is running on the server where you are performing the upgrade, please stop the service temporarily. Once the upgrade is complete, the Microsoft Dynamics Adapter Service can be restarted.

9. Professional Services Tools Library: If you receive an invalid version error on PSTL (Professional Service Tools Library), you will need an updated version of PSTL for GP 2016. Your Microsoft partner will need to provide this.

10. Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities Stops Responding: When you launch Utilities for the upgrade, most of the processing is done on the SQL Server. If you happen to step away, Utilities may appear to stay white and show “not responding.” Please do not close out of Utilities, the upgrade is still running. Please give the upgrade time to continue working. If you feel the upgrade is hanging or locked up, please start a SQL Server Profiler trace to review activity.

11. Overlapping Fiscal Periods: When you launch GP Utilities to start the upgrade, if you have overlapping fiscal periods, it will hang on the Multicurrency Setup Master Table. Run the scripts below to determine if you have overlapping fiscal periods and correct the periods prior to starting the upgrade process.

— Show overlapping Periods
FROM SY40100 a JOIN SY40100 b
order by YEAR1, PERIODID

Please review these known issues prior to your Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 upgrade. Going through the information will help alleviate trouble that you may otherwise run into! Also, remember to always run a test upgrade first!

Be sure to check the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 Upgrade Blog Series Schedule page to review upcoming blog posts related to Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics GP and other helpful resource links.

If you’d like GP 2016 Upgrade help, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs.